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Stockholm, Sweden.

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Rust: Powered by Ownership

Rust is a systems programming language that has been gaining traction in the recent years. Rust supports features including, but not limited to, pattern matching, type inference and zero-cost abstractions. However, what makes Rust stand out is its ownership-based type system which allows it to guarantee memory safety and thread safety. Rust does not need to rely on a garbage collector, thus removing the runtime overhead often found in other languages, e.g, Java and Go. As it runs on bare-metal and is built on LLVM, it is able to deliver a similar runtime performance as C/C++. Although Rust is not the first language to introduce the concept of ownership, it is the first to have widespread use outside of academic research. In this report, we deep dive into Rust, a modern programming language powered by ownership.

The full report can be found here.